Final Uninstaller

Final Uninstaller

Removes remains of all files and registry entry after software un-installation
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Final Uninstaller is an ultimate tool that has the capability to completely remove the remains of all files and registry entries after software un-installation.
After un-installing any software there are chances that your hard disk is left with some remains of the software. This problem has the capability to crop up because of the inability to clean leftovers from un-installed software or getting error messages while re-installing software. Searching and tracing these remains is waste of your precious time. Hence, you need an application that can efficiently clear up such remains. With the help of this amazing un-installation software, the user can completely remove files from an incomplete un-installation and clean up your registry.
Bundled in a simple to use interface this tool features; a powerful database that has stored in features of left files and their behavior, it can completely scan the entire Windows registry and drives to trace any leftovers in a click, in-built application with power and intelligence can trace and safely remove all leftovers from un-installed software with a single click, has the capability to safely remove stubborn drivers, services and leftovers of files and registry entries that cannot be removed by the add and remove program.
This application can be downloaded for free to perform its scan. In case it detects any unwanted remains of uninstalled software, you will have to purchase it to clean the remains.

Padma Pardhy
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  • Completely scans the entire Windows registry and drives to trace any leftovers
  • Efficient fast and smooth


  • No freeware version available
  • Free download package only detects errors
  • You will have to purchase it to clean errors
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