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Final Uninstaller

Final Uninstaller can remove any installed application from your PC very easily
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Final Uninstaller can help you remove any installed application or software from your PC very easily. The program is designed with new users of computers in mind. So, you may not have any problem in using it.

The program shows a list of all the programs and hardware drivers installed in your PC just like the Window’s default “Add/Remove programs” tool. But Final Uninstaller completely removes the empty folders and temporary files along with the particular application that are left behind if you uninstalled that application using the traditional Window’s uninstaller. This software can also filter the applications with failed uninstalls to a different tab called “Remnants”. Here you can see the programs that are not available in your start-menu but are always eating your precious disk space with their dead files. You can also restore any accidentally uninstalled program with a single click using the “Recovery” feature.

Additionally, the program offers you a junk file cleaner and registry cleaner with free updates that can help you keep your system error-free by removing junk files, temporary files and dead registry entries.

The program also carries a “special uninstaller” that can remove applications with complex installation methods easily. Most of the popular antiviruses and graphic tools are supported by this “Special Uninstaller”. Honestly, I didn’t find this feature much useful. But the program is a perfect application manager which has a very small size.

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